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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Your Very Own 12 Step Program To Business Success...

Here’s your 12 Step Program to Success.
Repeat after me…
1. I promise to do what this email says to do.
2. I promise to get a copy of Daven Michaels’ new book on outsourcing and delegating called, Outsource Smart.”
3. I promise to help make this book a NY Times Bestseller by telling all my business buddies about it.
4. I promise to click here now to get it.
5. I promise to be grateful for all the life-changing, business boosting, money generating tools and strategies Daven shares in the book.
6. I promise to use the FREE gonzo Facebook lead generation software, “Facebook Miner that’s included when I get the book FOR FREE.
7. I promise to go right to Step 8.
8. I promise to be super thankful for the 27 FREE Facebook tutorial and training videos that come with “Facebook Miner. ” Also FOR FREE
9. I promise to OUTSOURCE the training videos and “Facebook Miner” to my virtual assistants so they can do all the work.
10. I promise to smile because Daven just saved me 57 hours of my life and made me a boatload of cash while I did nothing and my VAs did everything.
11. I promise to get a copy of “Outsource Smart” for my friend, because he’s running around like a headless chicken in his business trying to do it all himself, and it pains me to see him suffer.
12. I really really promise to do everything this email tells me to do.
Now go get yourself a cup of coffee and a donut.
PS: Here’s my promise to you… you’ll LOVE this book and the Facebook Miner lead gen software.
You’ll get tons of warm leads, subscribers, and buyers when you use it. Get Outsource Smart and turn your biz completely around.
PPS: I also promise that this offer will go away soon, so please grab your copy of the book now so you can get “Facebook Miner” and the training Vids for free.
P.P.P.S. If you don’t have a virtual assistant yet, you can use the software, generate a TON of business and then with all the money you make you can get a virtual assistant to help you out. Good plan right!?!?