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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Slick new Block Builder 2 additions continue to fly out of the SiteSell Labs...

Source: SiteSell

Latest Block Builder 2 (BB2) Releases-

This week, we want to tell you about two more value-adds you can use to build up your Site Build It! Value Proposition…

1) Rounded Corners (Site Designer)

Several parts of your selected style can have borders.

Wherever you can add or remove borders, you can also have rounded corners now to further customize your site’s look.

2) Shadows (Site Designer)

The Callout Box and Reminder Box also have a new addition to the toolbar… Shadows.

You can now make them look like they’re floating above your pages by adding some shading.

Why are these new mini-releases important to YOU?

We are determined to make this the best sitebuilder in the world, one that you’re continuously proud to recommend.

Each week’s enhancements get us closer and closer to that goal…

You will have an agile, easy-to-use POWERHOUSE of a Web-building system that improves with every new release.

It’s all-new for the same old price and the best just gets better and BETTER!