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Friday, 22 February 2013

For thousands of e-business builders, SBI! was the first step...

Every great journey begins with a first step. And if your journey leads to the accomplishment of a long-held goal or a dream of changing your life, that first step is always remembered as pivotal.

For thousands of e-business builders, SBI! was that first step...

And with SBI!'s help, they continue to realize new dreams and accomplish big and small goals as their online business-building journey progresses.

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Slick new Block Builder 2 additions continue to fly out of the SiteSell Labs...

Source: SiteSell

Latest Block Builder 2 (BB2) Releases-

This week, we want to tell you about two more value-adds you can use to build up your Site Build It! Value Proposition…

1) Rounded Corners (Site Designer)

Several parts of your selected style can have borders.

Wherever you can add or remove borders, you can also have rounded corners now to further customize your site’s look.

2) Shadows (Site Designer)

The Callout Box and Reminder Box also have a new addition to the toolbar… Shadows.

You can now make them look like they’re floating above your pages by adding some shading.

Why are these new mini-releases important to YOU?

We are determined to make this the best sitebuilder in the world, one that you’re continuously proud to recommend.

Each week’s enhancements get us closer and closer to that goal…

You will have an agile, easy-to-use POWERHOUSE of a Web-building system that improves with every new release.

It’s all-new for the same old price and the best just gets better and BETTER!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How to build a massively successful business using the power and leverage of Outsourcing...

Here’s the deal…

Daven Michaels is getting ready to release his much anticipated book on how to build a massively successful business using the power and leverage of Outsourcing.

The book is called, Outsource Smart.”


OutSource Smart Book

Why do I say it’s ‘much anticipated?’

Several reasons:

1. Daven received a sweet advance by his publisher, the hoidy toidy McGraw Hill

2. The book lays out everything you need to know to get your business running on autopilot using virtual assistants and the power of delegation and wicked marketing strategies.

3. You get to read Daven’s rags to riches story of growing up the son of a poor sharecropper and breaking the bonds of indentured servitude, bringing tears to your eyes. Wait, that’s someone else’s life…

In all seriousness, “Outsource Smart” is poised to hit the New York Times Bestseller List.

With your help, it’ll get there FASTER.

So as an enticement, when you get the book, Daven will give you “Facebook Miner,” one of the hottest tools he uses in his outsourcing company—123 Employee—to generate thousands of WARM leads from Facebook every day…

…Leads that are already primed to sign up, subscribe, and buy from you.

So be smart.

Get “Outsource Smart” and the ninja “Facebook Miner” software is yours FREE…

FaceBook Miner

There’s more!

You’ll also get 37 Facebook training videos included… so you don’t have to do any work.

See how this works? You give the training vids and Facebook Miner to your VAs and they do all the heavy lifting for you!

Ta Dah! You’ve just successfully outsourced!

Pre-order your book and get your FREE software and Facebook videos now!

PS: “Outsource Smart” is your ticket to freedom.

P.P.S. If you don’t have a virtual assistant yet, you can use the software, generate a TON of business and then with all the money you make you can get a virtual assistant to help you out. Good plan right!?!?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Power of Pausing- The most important listening skill all top salespeople use…


The following article is courtesy of Brian Tracy, best-selling author and world-renowned speaker, trainer and expert on success, as well as the owner of the multi-million-dollar training company, Brian Tracy International.

For the past 4 decades, Brian has dedicated his life to the study of successand to sharing his findings with success-oriented individuals.

Read on to discover THE most important listening skill utilized by top salespeople everywhere.

The Power of Pausing

What do you think is the most important listening skill that all top salespeople use?

ALL top salespeople ask good questions - and listen carefully to the answers.

But did you know that one of the most important skills of listening is to simply pause before replying? 

When the prospect finishes talking, rather than jumping in with the first thing that you can think of, take three to five seconds to pause quietly and wait.

Becoming a Master of the Pause

All excellent listeners are masters of the pause. They are comfortable with silences. When the other person finishes speaking, they take a breath, relax and smile before saying anything. They know that the pause is a key part of good communications.

Three Benefits of Pausing

Pausing before you speak has three specific benefits. The first is that you avoid the risk of interrupting the prospect if he or she has just stopped to gather his or her thoughts. Remember, your primary job in the sales conversation is to build and maintain a high level of trust, and listening builds trust.

When you pause for a few seconds, you often find the prospect will continue speaking. He will give you more information and further opportunity to listen, enabling you to gather more of the information you need to make the sale.

Carefully Consider What You Just Heard

The second benefit of pausing is that your silence tells the prospect that you are giving careful consideration to what he or she has just said. By carefully considering the other person's words, you are paying him or her a compliment.

You are implicitly saying that you consider what he or she has said to be important and worthy of quiet reflection. You make the prospect feel more valuable with your silence. You raise his self-esteem and make him feel better about himself.

Understanding With Greater Efficiency

The third benefit of pausing before replying is that you will actually hear and understand the prospect better if you give his or her words a few seconds to soak into your mind. The more time you take to reflect upon what has just been said, the more conscious you will be of their real meaning. You will be more alert to how his words can connect with other things you know about the prospect in relation to your product or service.

The Message You Send

When you pause, not only do you become a more thoughtful person, but you convey this to the customer. By extension, you become a more valuable person to do business with. And you achieve this by simply pausing for a few seconds before you reply after your prospect or customer has spoken.

Action Exercises

Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:

First, take time to carefully consider what the customer just said and what he might mean by it. Pausing allows you to read between the lines.

Second, show the customer that you really value what he has said by reflecting for a few moments before you reply.

If you like what you’ve seen here, and you want to take your learning even deeper, you may be interested in Brian Tracy’s “High Performance Selling,” a proven, powerful program he designed to teach you how to get more prospects, close more sales, earn more money, and communicate more effectively and authentically.

Your ability to negotiate, persuade and influence the people around you has a dramatic effect on the speed and efficiency with which you reach your short- and long-term goals.

Listen to the 12.5 hours of instruction in “High Performance Selling” and learn how to:

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  • Make better and more professional presentations
  • Sell against determined and lower-priced competition
  • Make more money closing faster, easier and better than you ever thought possible

And so much more.

“High Performance Selling” is one of Brian Tracy’s best-selling sales programs, because it delivers proven techniques and strategies guaranteed to get you results.

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