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Monday, 28 January 2013

cPanel Tutorials- Learn How to use cPanel...

If you use Hostgator, use cPanel or need to set up webhosting, want to set up a support desk, or want your database to back up automatically, check this out...

cPanel Tutorials

You're about to discover:

* Exactly how easy it is for  people to  "sniff" the contents of your website

* Do you have your SPF record set up right?

* Do your databases and blogs back themselves up automatically -- without you lifting a finger?

*  Do you know how to set up new domains, wordpress and databases on cpanel?

*  Do you know how to set up your file permissions properly?

*  Do you know the easiest, fastest way to crete a fully functional MySQL database?

* How to use cPanel to create a members only area

*  How to cloak an unlimited number of links

Check out cPanel Tutorials: