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Friday, 5 October 2012

Brand New Value-Adds Puts You on the doorway to business success faster and easier than ever...

Brand New Value-Adds For SBI!

Two new Site Build It! (SBI!) features were released.

Each provides a click-easy way to boost YOUR Productivity and Profits.

1. Twitter Follow

A sharp looking Twitter Follow Button can be added to all SBI! site pages with a mere clicks or two. Customize it with the follower count. In seconds, visitors are following you on Twitter!

2. Pin It!

Pin It! brings one-click ease to adding Pinterest's Pin It button to any image on any BlockBuilder 2 page. Drag the Image Block to your page and select the photo you want. Click the checkbox to add the Pin It button, then type a description for pinners to use. It's that simple!

These are just 2 of the absolute FLURRY of enhancements rolling out for SBI! and Block Builder 2 (BB2) in the coming months...

Every add-on and new module means more VALUE stacked on to your SBI! Website.

SBI! and BB2 are in a constant state of development. Each addition to the arsenal of tools at your disposal puts You on the doorway to online business success faster and easier than ever.

And the promise of a better, faster, easier, more PROFITABLE SBI! could mean an Incomes bonanza for YOU!

Put BB2 alongside the ensemble of process, tools, updating, and guidance that drives success and out-compares anything else...

... and watch your Profits skyrocket!

The all-new SBI! has been taking people's breath away!...

"Powerful stuff! [BB2] and Site Designer turn SBI! into a driver's supercar. Now we have the oomph of BB1 and the ooooooh's of BB2."

"Even a technical no-hoper like me could see that having a site that attracted motivated traffic was waaaaay more important than a sexy site with little or no traffic. Now we have both great looks and traffic!"

"CLUNK (the sound of a jaw dropping and hitting the desk)! You have reinvented the wheel and made it a whole lot rounder so we can go a whole lot faster."

"SBI! makes mind-blowing promises and then overdelivers on them. Love it!"

Pack the VALUE into your business piece by using SBI!'s new features!

It's a strategy that WORKS!