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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Use Google Penguin For Online Business Profit...

Last week's Penguin shakeup was meant to cut down on "webspam" and nefarious practices like link "cloaking" or keyword stuffing.

These are what the Web community calls "black hat" SEO methods. Penguin has been rolled out to stop these folks in their tracks.

Historically though what also happens during sweeping algo changes is the rest of the Web feels its ripple too. Some much more than others.

SBIers (Site Build It! Users) have been affected. But after some heavy analysis and rational advice, SBIers will not only recover, they will thrive.

Remember when Google's "Panda" update tore through the Web? 

SBIer traffic is now up over 26% after an over 8% drop.

Those are INCREDIBLE gains!

Why such a large traffic increase? 

After Panda, SiteSell led the first of its kind "Panda Recovery Report" exclusively for SBI! owners.

It's not the kind of thing you'll see larger companies do for their customer communities. WordPress barely batted an eye, leaving WP users scrambling to figure out what to do on their own.

You know what they say. "You get what you pay for"...

Click Here to see the difference between Wordpress and Site Build It!

We're excited to create increasing value for SBIers by providing them with bigger and better offerings... Like Block Builder 2.

And we couldn't be happier when a customer hits a personal triumph with the help of SBI!... Check Out some Results!

Any company *could* do these things. It's good business. But we take it a step further when Pandas and Penguins land on YOUR doorstep.

Even though we're eyes-deep in launching BB2, with every company resource stretched paper-thin, we've halted many projects in order to focus exclusively on getting SBIers through Penguin fallout.

Not because it's good business. But because we care about your success and the success of each and every SBIer.

You stand behind SBI! and so do we. And when adversity hits, we don't let folks simply figure it out on their own. We're deeply invested in the success of each and every customer.

And in YOU!

SBI! Case Studies

SBI! Proof

And then, compare SBI! on Your own...

Turn Penguins into Swans laying golden eggs. Click-KaChing!

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