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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Have YOU Been Hit By Penguin?

By SiteSell

Google is at it again...

As is the norm when Google scratches an itch, millions of sites are affected. Some more than others.

Last week we saw Google's latest algo change, code named "Penguin." But unlike its namesake, Penguin isn't so cute.

Although Penguin was meant to cut down on global "webspam", it has left more than a few SBIers- Site Build It! Users scratching their heads as they watch their site's traffic decrease.

But the great thing about being an SBIer (you already know if you are one), is that you've seen this before -- and so have we.

Remember last year's Panda updates?

Version 2.5.2 decreased overall SBIer traffic by 8.3%!

After the FIRST Panda update, we launched a first of its kind research project ever on the Web. The project required extensive, detailed analyzing of Google's pattern changes in order to make concrete recommendations to SBIers about how to get through the shakeup.

The result?

In just the last 4 months, overall Site Build It! (SBI!) traffic has soared to all-time highs, jumping to 26%!

The bottom line?

Calm analysis and customer-focused recommendations are just another benefit of becoming an SBI! owner.

Think WordPress does this kind of research for their blogger customers? 


An equally large and in-depth effort is now underway to help our customers weather Penguin's wrath. And, like Panda, a rational study will get us through Google's occasional hiccups to even BIGGER traffic gains on the other side.

Bottom line?

It pays to be an SBIer.

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