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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

CTPM contains the essential building blocks to online success...

You can't really have a conversation about Site Build It! without discussing SBI!'s underlying philosophy...

It's all about CTPM- Content, Traffic, PreSell, Monetize...

Without the proven CTPM process the majority of folks trying to build a
business online simply spin their wheels. Sites and blogs become lonely
backroads instead of highly trafficked super highways.

C = Well-written, original "C"ontent

T = Organic, hungry-for-knowledge "T"raffic

P = Develop trust and OVERdeliver by "P"REselling

M = "M"onetize warm, willing-to-buy ("PREsold") visitors

It's this foundation that makes SBI! so incredibly powerful.

CTPM is the catalyst for some of our greatest success stories...

Without that bedrock foundation, everything else is simply building on sand.

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SBI! CTPM Process