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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Block Builder 2 (BB2) is taking e-business building to an unprecedented level...

The Block Builder 2 (BB2) rollout is rolling!

While existing users have experienced some bugs, it's been smooth sailing for new SBIers (Site Build It! Users), those who have not yet built a page.

The BB2 is much more than just a module. It's an entirely new platform. Some interaction between the original platform (which still hosts many modules) and the massive BB2 (on the new one) were virtually inevitable. The techs are working like crazy to fix those impacted.

Some of the BB2 Features:

i) Sitewide Dots

Sitewide Dots allow SBIers to add common site-wide elements to every page with
one-click ease. They make global changes fast and easy, giving incredible control over the look and feel of your site, instant site-wide addition of ads, etc.

Adding site elements like Social Media buttons becomes a breeze. Just click and drag. In a heartbeat, you've changed your entire site.

Imagine doing this with with any other DIY Web site builder. What used to take days now takes moments in BB2.

ii) Re-Usable Blocks

Re-Usable Blocks allow you to save commonly-used site elements. With click-and-drag ease re-use them anywhere in your site.

If you use anything more than once on your site, turn it into a Re-Usable Block to recall it. Then simply move it into place without having to ever re-create it again!

iii) The SiteDesigner

Forget about paying for designers or expensive templates.

The BB2 SiteDesigner lets you use "out of the box" templates and then customize any of the hundreds of Web site designs loaded into BB2.

Want to change the entire look of your site?

With BB2 it takes mere moments to do what would take hours with any other method of site design.

Just choose a great looking template and go. Or, feel free to customize it and make it your own. Either way, it's quick and easy to apply it to your entire site.

Click Through for More about BlockBuilder 2 (BB2):

The benefits of time-saving features like these are obvious. You can build their e-businesses quicker AND easier than they ever could before.

Instead of being mired down by the mechanics of site construction OR page
construction, SBIers can devote more of their time to building the REST
of their profitable businesses.

BB2 fulfills the promise of letting e-business builders concentrate on what's truly important... The CTPM Process.

And NOT on learning another "language" or technical skill in order to realize their dreams of achieving something better.

And naturally, it stays true to BB1, which is still the only sitebuilder that trains you to build a page that is both visitor-pleasing and optimized to be found by Google, Bing and other Search Engines.

BB2 is taking e-business building to an unprecedented level.

There's ZERO risk for You to try SBI! today... And checkout BB2.

Feedback from new BB2 users has been tremendous!

For example, this comment coming through SiteSell Support speaks volumes...

"I would like to take a second to thank the whole SBI! team and community
that made BB2 possible. I just started using it on my new site, and WOW!
It is just so much easier, it really is unreal. Very good job everyone!" -Salvatore Gaglio

There's even more enthusiastic feedback in the SBI! Forums like these 2 posts...

"To all you experienced SBIers - I'm now hooked just like the rest of you.
I'm having so much fun writing my pages and matching up photos I've been
searching for and downloading.

Got my L&F, customized the header with a photo of my own. Can't actually build my pages, though, since I have an existing online presence and timing is everything just now. I will break out with at least 10-12 pages ready when I switch over - a few more days and I'll be ready.

Kudos to all for SBI and BB2 and the forums and the wonderful people at support, and huge hugs to Ken, who 'owns' it all so personally - and that is what makes all the difference!"

-Barbara from theguidewithin.org

"WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... Am I the first one to see the BB2 and posted in the forums? Just wondering :-) I am LOVINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IT" :-)

-Faraz from weird-strange-facts.com

And folks are loving the new Site Central!

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